CoD: Warzone And DMZ – The Haunting All Easter Eggs And Secret Rewards

Call of Duty’s The Haunting is live in Warzone, and the Halloween-themed event brings zombies and nighttime map settings to Al Mazrah and Vondel, which is complete with new modes and seasonal event challenges. While you’re participating in the Soul Capture event and Warzone’s Operation Nightmare, there are a few more secret rewards you can claim. Here we’ll guide you through all the hidden rewards and Easter eggs found in The Haunting.

Witch’s Book Easter egg

The Witch’s Book Easter egg is specific to the spooky “Vondead” variant of Vondel map in the Zombie Royale playlist. Here you’ll need to find the spell book, and then go to another location to complete the ritual. You can do this Easter egg solo by trekking across the map, but the easiest way to do this is with a friend.

First, you or a teammate will need to go to the open tomb on the far west side of the Graveyard POI. Inside the tomb is a spell book you need to interact with. Once you do so, a weapon will spawn inside Vondel’s windmill. This is a SO battle rifle weapon blueprint floating above a glowing rune.

Witch's spell book
Witch’s spell book

This can be frustrating solo because anyone can pick up the weapon blueprint before you can get to the windmill, and interacting with the spell book in the tomb also lights the windmill up with a fiery green glow, so everyone gets a signal that the spell is active.

To complete this Easter egg quickly have a teammate drop at the windmill at the start of the match, while you drop at the graveyard. Interact with the spell book, and your teammate can be ready to immediately grab the weapon blueprint. Everyone in your squad will receive the reward, so it doesn’t matter which teammate actually picks up the gun.

Witch's Stick SO battle rifle weapon blueprint
Witch’s Stick SO battle rifle weapon blueprint

Completing this Easter egg unlocks the Witch’s Stick SO battle rifle weapon blueprint.

Chessboard Easter egg

The Chessboard Easter egg is specific to the spooky “Vondead” variant of Vondel map in the Zombie Royale playlist. Vondel has a giant chessboard on the map, and the Haunting event adds a fun new Doctor-Who-style Easter egg to the board. This super-sized chessboard is hard to miss, but it’s found just south of the Museum POI. A knight chess piece is missing from the game, and you’ll need to guide the haunted piece back to the board.

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Chessboard location on green ping
Chessboard location on green ping

You’ll want to land near the board at the start of the match to give yourself enough time to complete this. Located near the board is a black knight piece. This is usually found just south of the board near the picnic tables, but it can also spawn to the right of the red tents by the chess board.

Locate the piece and approach it until the eyes of the horse turn red. This feels like a nod to Doctor Who’s weeping angels, where looking away from them makes them chase you, and when you turn to look back at them, they stop moving. You want to guide the knight piece back to its rightful place on the board, but to do this, you’ll need to be fast.

Haunted chess piece location
Haunted chess piece location

Start running towards the board as soon as the eyes turn red, but turn back briefly once or twice to make sure the piece is following you. Just peek and turn back to run. You can’t stare at it for too long, as the piece will disappear and return back to where you started. This can get complicated if other people are staring at the piece. Make sure any teammates aren’t looking at the knight while you’re attempting this. You also can’t be too slow in reaching the board because it can cause the piece to reset. I completed this solo without any gunfights, but it did take a few tries because I was either too slow or someone else was looking at the piece.

Completing this Easter egg unlocks the Checkmate weapon charm. You also get in-game loot for your match like an advanced UAV, cash, and ammo.

Apocalypse Ready

This hidden reward in The Haunting requires you to run over a zombie in a vehicle. This can easily be done by grabbing a vehicle and running over a zombie in the Zombie Royale mode. It can also be done by running over a zombie near the ritual for the Butcher boss encounter on either Al Mazrah or Vondel. Cars get DDOS’d when approaching the ritual site, so you’ll need to lure the zombies a few feet away before running them over. This can be completed in battle royale or DMZ.

Apocalypse Ready vehicle skin
Apocalypse Ready vehicle skin

This awards you with the Apocalypse Ready vehicle skin for the hatchback car.


Using the Haunted Box field upgrade in battle royale or DMZ can reward you with a calling card. This limited-time field upgrade has a chance to provide a jump scare when you interact with it, and you’ll need to get the jump scare five times to unlock the reward. The easiest way to get this done is to play Zombie Royale. Every zombie you kill will drop a Haunted Box, so make sure you grab and use every box you see until you get the five jump scares.

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This is unfortunately really rare because the chance for a jump scare is so low with the boxes. I’ve opened several boxes across several matches and still haven’t gotten the reward.

Completing this challenge will unlock the Boo! calling card.

You Can’t Hide

The Haunting adds a spooky variant of the Snapshot grenade called the Bloodseeker. You need to use this new tactical equipment to tag 20 enemies. This is going to be best attempted in Zombie Royale. If you equip one of your loadouts with the Restock perk you can get the equipment constantly refreshed, so all you need to do is find one Bloodseeker grenade.

The Bloodseeker equipment is easily found in supply chests, especially the blue Resurgence chests. Once you have the grenade, just toss it near enemies to tag them. Repeat this until you’ve tagged all 20. This can be completed in battle royale or DMZ.

Completing this challenge will unlock the You Can’t Hide calling card.

Witch’s Ritual

This challenge requires you to play 50 matches of Zombie Royale. Nothing more to it, you just need to play a ton of Zombie Royale. As confirmed by YouTuber LegoUnlocked, you don’t have to finish the matches for the challenge to count. You can farm this by just loading into the match and leaving. It just makes you look like a bad teammate.

This unlocks the Witch’s Ritual loading screen.

Zombie Royale match win rewards

There are three different secret challenges tied to winning matches during the event. Here’s how you can unlock them all. Each unlocks a different reward.

  • Win a match of Zombie Royale (Made It Out Alive weapon sticker)
  • Win a match of Zombie Royale as a zombie (Unusual Escape animated emblem)
  • Win 10 matches of Zombie Royale (Apocalypse Survivor calling card)

Zombie Royale is a tough mode to score wins. If you find you’re constantly losing these matches because you can’t find the last remaining human players, they’re likely doing the survival strat in the gas. This strat means you want to avoid staying in the final circle to fend off the zombies, and instead, you’ll want to run into the gas to scavenge for gas masks and heals. This strat works because every zombie killed drops a self-revive kit and other items. By the time you reach a final circle, the surrounding areas are littered with items like stims, gas masks, and self-revive kits. Zombies Royale basically becomes a “heal-off” for who can find the most heals and stay alive the longest in the gas.

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This strat essentially works for winning a match as a zombie, but you need to be a zombie and rely on a human teammate to clutch the win. The gas doesn’t hurt you as a zombie, so just run off in the gas and hide while your human teammates go for the win.

Undead Runes

This challenge requires you to win a battle royale match without dying, so this one is a bit more challenging. It’s also odd that the hardest challenge in the event gives such a small reward.

Completing this challenge earns the Undead Runes large weapon decal. The decal does glow in the dark, but it still feels like a small price for such a large feat.

Make friends with the Pharaoh

The Pharaoh's sarcophagus in the Oasis
The Pharaoh’s sarcophagus in the Oasis

Lastly, there is a way to get some extra rewards by being friendly with one of the bosses in Operation Nightmare. The Pharaoh boss is found on Al Mazrah in both battle royale and DMZ. Here we have the full guide for locating and summoning this boss, but instead of killing him, you want to make sure that no one in your squad fires a shot at him. This will take a few moments after summoning him, so just stand by until you get an audio prompt and a loot drop. This won’t give a unique reward like killing him in Operation Nightmare, but you’ll be geared up for your match with items like cash, ammo, gas masks, killstreaks, and even a rare MRAP armored vehicle.

For more on Season 6’s The Haunting, make sure to check out our full guide to completing the Soul Capture event and unlocking all rewards in Operation Nightmare.

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