Valorant Introduces Iso, An Agent Who Can Shoot Through Walls And Absorb Damage

In preparation for Episode 7, Act III, Riot Games has introduced Iso, a Chinese mercenary, for its shooter Valorant, and a new battle pass that players can take advantage of.

According to a press release, Iso will have four main abilities that he can use. The first one is Double Tap. When this is in play, a focus timer will start, and when it’s finished, any enemies he’s downed or killed will start producing orbs that he can use to create a shield. His other abilities include a move called Undercut–a molecular bolt that can shoot through walls, and Contingency, which allows him to summon a wall of energy that blocks bullets. His last ability, Kill Contact, allows him to shoot energy at any of his opponents, and whoever is hit is forced to duel with him to the death.

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In addition to all of his abilities, Iso will have various gear you can unlock. Listed below is everything you can earn:

  • Tier 1: Spray-Don’t Ask
  • Tier 2: Card-Valorant Iso
  • Tier 3: Title-Tuned In
  • Tier 4: Spray-In the Zone
  • Tier 5: Kingdom Credits-2,000
  • Tier 6: Gun Buddy-Peripherals
  • Tier 7: Spray-Callsign
  • Tier 8: Title-Fixer
  • Tier 9: Card-The Hourglass Turns
  • Tier 10: Gun skin-Mythmaker (base pistol)

Episode 7 Act III is scheduled to launch later this month on October 31. The upcoming battle pass will feature accessories such as The Big Bet Spray and Fragger’s Fall Spray, and new skins, including the Silhouette Guardian and Libretto Operator. To purchase the battle pass, you’ll need to spend 1,000 VP, which equates to about $10.

Iso is now the 23rd agent to join Valorant. Before him, the last character to join the game was Gekko, who was introduced earlier this year.

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