Marvel And DC Sort Of Cross Over (In An Advertising Firm Commercial)

Wade Wilson, meet Barry Allen. Barry Allen, meet Wade… or call him Hal if you want to really take a dig at actor Ryan Reynolds. The Deadpool star teamed up with The Flash actor Grant Gustin for a new commercial promoting MNTN, an advertising firm that has Reynolds as chief creative officer.

To be clear, neither actor is portraying their famous superhero characters. Reynolds is playing himself, while Gustin is acting as the fictional chief performance officer Seymour Roas for MNTN. This leads to some playful banter from Reynolds, like responding to Roas with “That sounds fast.”

The commercial ends with Reynolds telling Roas that “you’ll always be my Barry.” Roas has a quick retort with “you’ll always be my Hal,” which Reynolds notes “hurts.” For those unfamiliar, Reynolds starred in 2011’s The Green Lantern, a critically panned DC film that underperformed at the box office. In fact, Reynolds still doesn’t want you to watch that movie.

Teaming up is nothing new for Reynolds. He paired up with It’s Always Sunny actor Rob McElhenney to buy Wrexham AFC. They even are heard together as an Easter egg in FIFA 23 trash-talking other soccer clubs.

Reynolds is also joining forces with Wolverine actor Hugh Jackman for Deadpool 3, which has been removed from Disney’s first half of 2024 schedule. Previously, the Marvel movie was slated for May 3. Before filming began, Jackman expressed his excitement to “punch the sh*t out of Ryan Reynolds every day.”

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