Alan Wake 2 Inventory Upgrades – How To Increase Inventory Space

Alan Wake 2 is a survival-horror game, which means you need to properly manage your inventory. With limited slots, dwindling item supplies, and wanting to lug around everything you can carry, you might be wondering if there’s something that can help you along the way. Our guide discusses how to increase inventory space in Alan Wake 2 by way of upgrades, which unlock an extra row with several slots for your characters.

How to increase inventory space in Alan Wake 2

There are two ways to increase inventory space in Alan Wake 2, and these are dependent on the character that you’re playing. Here’s a quick summary:

  • Saga Anderson uses satchels that she finds during her chapters. A couple are also found in Cult Stashes.
  • Alan Wake, meanwhile, only has a single upgrade, and it comes from a specific Word of Power perk.

Saga Anderson inventory upgrade satchels

Inventory upgrade satchel #1

  • Chapter: Return 2 – The Heart
  • Location: Cauldron Lake General Store – You’ll return to this location during Saga’s second chapter, which is also where you’ll encounter your first Taken enemy. Check the small room that he emerged from to find this satchel next to some office cabinets.
Saga inventory upgrade #1
Saga inventory upgrade #1

Inventory upgrade satchel #2

  • Chapter: After Return 2 – The Heart
  • Location: Cauldron Lake Coast – After completing the first Overlap encounter, Saga and Casey will encounter a familiar fella by the beach. Follow the coast going east and you’ll see some brambles that you can crawl under to find a Cult Stash. All you need to do is look at the buttons that light up, and press them in the correct sequence. You’ll then receive another inventory upgrade in Alan Wake 2.
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Saga inventory upgrade #2
Saga inventory upgrade #2

Inventory upgrade satchel #3

  • Chapter: After Return 5 – Old Gods
  • Location: Bright Falls Fishing Shack – After clearing the Overlap encounter in Bright Falls, you should have the Bolt Cutters with you. Return to the main street and pry open the gate leading to the building with the fresh seafood sign. The small shack has a Cult Stash, and the puzzle’s clues refer to the water level and ships. The code is: 6-9-7.
Saga inventory upgrade #3
Saga inventory upgrade #3

Alan Wake inventory upgrade Word of Power

Compared to Saga, Alan only has one option to increase his inventory space. That comes from a perk called Word of Stuff: Magic Pocket.

  • Chapter: Initiation 5 – Room 665
  • Location: Make your way to the Oceanview Hotel’s ballroom and shine a light above the bar counter. You should see a glyph there.
The Words of Stuff: Magic Pocket perk
The Words of Stuff: Magic Pocket perk

Bear in mind that the Words of Power glyphs that you discover as Alan each belong to a particular type or category, with Words of Stuff being the rarest. You might be tempted to take the Tourist Map perk, as it reveals collectibles and points of interest. However, a certain character (who likes to hum) can be encountered during Alan’s chapters, and he’s got maps that already function in a similar manner. As such, Magic Pocket would be a better option to help you manage your inventory supplies.

In any case, these are the Alan Wake 2 inventory space upgrades that we’ve discovered so far. We’ll let you know if there are others, so stay tuned.

From Bright Falls to the Dark Place, danger lurks in every corner in Alan Wake 2. Don’t worry because we’ve got everything covered in our guides hub.

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