CoD: Modern Warfare 3 — All The Multiplayer Modes At Launch

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III, which is expected to be one of 2023’s most popular and best-selling games, is launching on November 10. Ahead of that, Activision has confirmed all the multiplayer modes that will be available at launch and beyond. Here is a rundown of those modes.

Note that these modes will be available at launch in rotation. More modes will be added in the “weeks” after launch, Activision said.

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For more, check out all the Modern Warfare III maps, which includes 16 updated maps from 2009’s Modern Warfare II and additional maps from 2022’s Modern Warfare II after launch.

Modern Warfare III’s campaign mode unlocks on November 2 for people who preorder the game digitally and November 10 for everyone else. That’s also when the game’s multiplayer goes live. For more, check out the official Modern Warfare III launch times.

Keep checking back with GameSpot for lots more on Modern Warfare III ahead of its release. For now, check out GameSpot’s Modern Warfare III preorder guide.


  • Cutthroat — A new mode for Modern Warfare 3, Cutthroat features three teams going head to head to head. The first to take the round win limit wins. Activision debuted this mode in the beta earlier in October.


  • Team Deathmatch — this is Call of Duty’s bread and butter; two teams fight until the score limit is reached.
  • Domination — In Domination, teams capture, hold, and defend objectives to win.
  • Search & Destroy — Two teams alternate between attacking and defending a bomb site. There is no mid-round respawning.
  • Kill Confirmed — Players must pick up enemy dog tags to score and deny foes your own tags.
  • Free-For-All — It’s you versus everyone, with the first to reach the limit ending the match. The top three players win.
  • Hardpoint — Players must capture a rotating Hardpoint and hold it for as long as they can.
  • Control — Teams take turns attacking and defending objectives.
  • War — Returning for the first time since COD: WWII, War Mode has players progressing through linear objectives until the end.
  • Gun Game — Players unlock more and more powerful weapons with each kill.
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32v32 modes

  • Ground War — This is a large-scale mode where players capture and hold objectives to score.
  • Invasion — A large-scale Team Deathmatch featuring human and AI soldiers.


  • Hardcore: In addition to all of these modes, Modern Warfare III has a Hardcore mode where players only get a limited HUD and have low health. Friendly fire is enabled.
  • Firing Range and Training Course: A practice mode, Firing Range allows players to test our weapons, perks, and gear against dummy soldiers. There is also a Training Course where players can learn the ropes of movement and combat skills on your own.
  • Private matches: Private matches allows players to tweak game settings across all modes, so players can create the exact type of mode they want and play with friends.

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