Pokemon Go Party Play Lets You Team Up With Pals To Catch Pokemon

After multiple teases via social media, Niantic has announced the first details for Pokemon Go’s Party Play co-op feature. If you have a group you join up with in real life, you’ll now be able to do the same in the world of Pokemon Go.

Party Play enables groups of up to four people to join together, so long as every trainer is above Level 15. Parties can participate in unique Party Challenges for extra rewards, as well as unleash new Party Power abilities during raids to strengthen both fast and charged attacks.

The official Pokemon Go blog has given a rundown on how to set up or join a party using Party Play, with the steps being as follows:

  • Hosting a Party
    • Open Pokémon Go and navigate to your Trainer profile and tap the new “Party” tab, then tap “Create.”
    • You’ll be given a numerical code or QR code that you can share with up to three nearby Trainers, and once everyone has joined, tap Start to begin.
  • Joining a Party
    • Open Pokémon Go and navigate to your Trainer profile and tap the new “Party” tab, then tap “Join Party.”
    • You will then be prompted to either scan a QR code or enter a numerical code for the party you wish to join. Once that’s complete, the host will then start the party.

Each player in the party can also see the party’s performance for the duration of the session in both the Party tab of each player’s trainer profile or via the PokeStop icon on the main screen. The report will include statistics such as number and types of Pokemon caught, number of PokeStops visited, and more.

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Pokemon Go is available now on iOS and Android devices. The Party Play mechanic is also available now on all devices.

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