My Time At Sandrock – How To Increase Inventory Space And Storage

My Time at Sandrock has lots of items for you to obtain and craft. However, limited space in your backpack can get in the way, and you definitely don’t want to leave a bunch of stuff lying around. Our guide discusses how to increase inventory space in My Time at Sandrock so you can manage all your wares.

How to increase storage and inventory space in My Time at Sandrock

You can increase inventory space in My Time at Sandrock through the following means:

  • Buying additional backpack slots.
  • Crafting and purchasing the Mini Storage Box and Wooden Storage.
  • Purchasing the Large Storage Box from the Mysterious Man.

How to buy additional backpack slots

By default, your character has 29 backpack slots. You might think these are a lot, until you realize that you’d lack space due to a plethora of items acquired early in the game. To offset this problem, you can purchase the remaining backpack slots for 10 gol each. You’ll then have a maximum of 40 backpack slots for the first tab. This is ideal since the items you pick up go directly into your backpack anyway. The extra slots definitely help when you’re out and about exploring.

Later, you’ll want to consider expanding these slots even further. If you click on the plus (i.e. +) icon, you’ll be able to add an extra tab. Naturally, you can purchase more slots and tabs. Be forewarned, however, that the costs significantly increase, too.

Each extra backpack slot costs 10 gol.
Each extra backpack slot costs 10 gol.

How to craft the Mini Storage Box and Wooden Storage

There are two types of craftable storage boxes to help you manage inventory space in My Time at Sandrock. Both of these can be crafted using the Worktable, and they’re found under the Furnitures tab:

  • Mini Storage Box – Requires 10x Wood; has 15 slots. This blueprint is available by default.
  • Wooden Storage – Requires 10x Wood and 4x Copper Bars; has 20 slots. The blueprint must be purchased from the Commerce Guild Store.
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These two are your best options once your backpack is full or if you just want to leave stuff in your Workshop area before heading out. Moreover, the items in storage boxes are automatically counted if they’re required for certain contraptions or devices that you need to build in your Workshop.


Buy the Wooden Storage blueprint (left), so you can craft it via your Worktable (right).

The Mysterious Man and the Large Storage Box

The Mysterious Man also happens to sell the Large Storage Box, which costs 1,086 gol by default. He will only appear during the 20th and 21st days of each season. As an aside, the Mysterious Man also sells certain goodies related to romancing other characters.

The Large Storage Box sold by the Mysterious Man is quite expensive.
The Large Storage Box sold by the Mysterious Man is quite expensive.

How to manage your inventory storage boxes

A bit later in the game once you’ve amassed a ton of items, you might want to consider renaming your storage boxes. Having distinct names for each container helps if you want to manage all the stuff that your character has. For instance, one container can be for furniture crafting materials, while another is for food items.

That’s everything you need to know about how to increase item storage and inventory space in My Time at Sandrock. If you’re still tackling early-game objectives, you might want to check out our guides on how to increase stamina and how to complete Picking Up the Slack.

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