Here Are Four New Cards From Magic: The Gathering’s Jurassic Park Crossover

Mixed in with Magic: The Gathering’s newest set–The Mesoamerican-themed Lost Caverns Of Ixalan, which launches November 17–are a selection of cards celebrating Jurassic Park’s 30th anniversary. The set-within-a-set will feature 26 cards themed around the entire Jurassic Park saga, with familiar faces mixed in with iconic scenes from each of the movies.

We’ve received four exclusive previews–two of them double-sided–from this mini-set, which include a pivotal moment from the first movie, a swarm of tiny dinos, and two of the five basic lands.

First, let’s take a look at those basic lands, as we have the double-side Forest and Plains:

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Each of the Jurassic-Park-themed lands in this miniset is double-sided, with one side referencing the time before the dinosaurs escaped, and the other showing off the aftermath. The Forest highlights the velociraptor pen before and after they free themselves from their cage–while helping themselves to a snack, apparently–while the Plains focuses on the massive Brachiosaurus before and after their meeting with the carnivores.

For our first brand-new card, here’s Don’t Move:

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  • Don’t Move (Sorcery)
    • Costs three generic mana and two white mana to cast.
    • Destroy all tapped creatures. Until your next turn, whenever a creature becomes tapped, destroy it.

If a friend in your Commander pod loves filling the board with creatures and attacking regularly, this card can stop them in their tracks almost immediately, as it will clear every creature who attacked you the prior turn. The lingering effect not only prevents other creatures from attacking until your next turn–which gives you time to make some other moves in the process–but pairing it with Hylda’s Crown Of Winter or other tap effect cards can further chip away at your opponent’s creatures even when they don’t attack.

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The final exclusive card we’re revealing today is Compy Swarm:

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  • Compy Swarm (Creature)
    • 2 power/2 toughness Dinosaur that costs one generic mana, one black mana, and one green mana to cast.
    • At the beginning of your end step, if a creature died this turn, create a tapped token that’s a copy of Compy Swarm.

Any creature that can replicate itself through normal gameplay is tough, but when it’s as simple as “make a creature go away,” this can become a problem in a hurry. Compy Swarm does have two noticeable drawbacks–the token only generates at your end step rather than every end step, and the token is tapped when it appears–but the number of tokens can grow to unmanageable numbers if left unchecked for a few turns.

Earlier today, Wizards Of The Coast also unveiled multiple new cards from Lost Caverns Of Ixalan with a brief reveal trailer. The video showed off new mechanics, the four commanders from the Commander decks, and more Jurassic Park subset cards. The video also confirmed a new limited Secret Lair drop that will center around Dr. Ian Malcolm, and it will feature multiple reprints of old Magic cards with different art featuring the chaos theory buff. Everything revealed today can be found in the gallery below.

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The Lost Caverns Of Ixalan and the Jurassic Park mini-set will launch November 17. More previews are expected across the internet between now and then, and local game stores will be hosting prerelease tournaments from November 10-12.

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