Diablo 4 Season 2 And Steam Release Are Live After Delay, But Cross-Play Is Broken

Update: Though a few hours later than originally planned, Diablo IV Season 2 is now live, and the game has launched on Steam. However, cross-play between PC and consoles is temporarily disabled due to a technical issue. Blizzard said it is working to fix the problem and will provide updates as they become available.

Original Story: Diablo IV Season 2, and the launch of the game on Steam, has been delayed by at least a few hours, Blizzard has announced.

In a post on Twitter, Blizzard said “some complications” have led to Season of Blood’s release and the game’s Steam launch being slightly delayed. More information will be shared as soon as it’s available, Blizzard said.

On the Diablo IV forums, Blizzard community manager SinfulScribe said that the team has encountered “technical issues with our current build.” Players on Reddit have reported slow download speeds and seeing error code 300010 after updating the game, which states “Disconnect from server: The game assets between the client and the server don’t match.” In a reply on Reddit, SinfulScribe said Blizzard is currently investigating.

Season of Blood is set to be a major refresh for Diablo IV, with Blizzard looking to rebalance numerous aspects of the game, introduce new seasonal mechanics in the form of Vampiric Powers, massively reduce Diablo IV’s endgame grind, and add a number of much-requested quality-of-life improvements to things like managing Diablo IV’s inventory and Stashes.

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The new season will coincide with Diablo IV’s arrival on Steam, making the game playable on PC on a platform that isn’t Blizzard’s own Battle.net launcher for the first time. The game will additionally be Steam Deck verified. Diablo IV is the second Blizzard game to be made available on Steam, with Overwatch 2 having launched on Valve’s platform earlier this year. Overwatch 2’s Steam release saw it quickly become the most negative user-reviewed game on the platform, albeit for a surprising reason.

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