CoD: Warzone And DMZ – How To Beat All Operation Nightmare Bosses

The Haunting brings a nighttime version of Warzone’s Al Mazrah, and the map is overrun with demons and other spooky bosses to encounter with the Operation Nightmare event. This limited-time Halloween event tasks you with hunting down bosses to unlock unique rewards. Here’s how you can defeat each boss to earn all the rewards in Operation Nightmare.

All bosses and rewards

Bloody Mess weapon blueprint
Bloody Mess weapon blueprint

Each boss fight unlocks its own unique calling card reward, which doesn’t sound like a huge deal, but defeating all the bosses will unlock the Bloody Mess weapon blueprint for the BAS-P submachine gun.

The Butcher

Operation Nightmare brings Diablo IV’s Butcher to both Al Mazrah. This boss fight can spawn at various locations, but this is marked on your tac-map at the start of the match. One by one, you’ll need to activate pillars around a ritual site. Zombies will attack you each time. A portal will spawn once the full ritual is complete. Head inside and face the Butcher. He’s surrounded by zombies and he’s a formidable bullet sponge, so make sure you have items like munition boxes, armor plates, and self-revives just in case.

The Butcher ritual
The Butcher ritual

The Butcher is a lengthy boss fight, so you don’t want to save this until the last minute of your match. You get plenty of gear drops for defeating him, such as armor vests, cash, self-revives, and ammo, so you’ll be able to replenish your stock.

Reward wise, defeating the Butcher will earn you a MW2 calling card, but it will also unlock the Butcher’s meat hook for use in Diablo IV.

Note: The event tab says that the Butcher is also available on Vondel, but the boss was not showing on the map at the time of writing this. He will likely be available when the nighttime version of Vondel goes live on October 20.

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Swamp Creature

The swamp creature is only found on Al Mazrah, and this will be marked on your tac-map as the Mawizeh Marshlands. The mission says you need to locate three egg pods in the swamp to find the Tiara needed to summon the creature, but I got the creature to spawn just by opening the pods, and the Tiara didn’t drop until after the boss was killed. I suggest focusing on opening the pods until the creature spawns, as there are way more than three. These also contain loot, and once you have the Tiara item it can be sold or extracted for $100,000.

Egg pods glow yellow and green
Egg pods glow yellow and green

Defeating the creature will reward you with the Swamp Creature calling card.

The Pharaoh

The Pharaoh is only found on Al Mazrah, and fittingly enough, this boss is located at the Oasis point of interest. You must secure skulls by killing possessed enemies spawning around you in the desert ruins, and place them in the sarcophagus to awaken and defeat the Pharaoh.

The Pharaoh sarcophagus
The Pharaoh sarcophagus

At first glance it looks like you only need five skulls, but there are five more on the backside of the sarcophagus. You’ll need 10 skulls total to trigger the boss fight, and be prepared for a brutal fight. Not only do possessed enemies spawn all around you, but the Pharaoh is very fast and chases you through the ruins. This is a bullet sponge enemy, and he can execute you if he catches you. This is best attempted with a squad, and you’ll want to keep moving at all times.

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Defeating this boss will reward you with the The Pharaoh calling card.


The UFO is located in the Sawah Village of Al Mazrah. Here you must destroy the anomalies, which are blue glowing orbs that fly around and shoot lasers at you. These can kill you really fast if you’re not armored up and using cover. Take them out to spawn the UFO and then destroy it too. It will drop some loot for you as well as an artifact that you must deliver to the portal that spawns on top of the ship at your location.

UFO boss fight
UFO boss fight

This isn’t a particularly difficult fight, but it does take a lot of ammo. Munition boxes and light machine guns can be handy here.

Defeating this boss unlocks the UFO calling card.

Ghost Train

Al Mazrah’s train has transformed into the nightmarish-looking Ghost Train, and you must board the train and capture a heart item. You’ll want full armor plates for this task. The train cars are trapped with explosives like proximity mines and claymores. It’s really easy to go boom.

Ghost Train
Ghost Train

You’ll start near the rear of the train, and you’ll have to fight your way through the traps. Tossing semtex or C4 into the train cars ahead of you can help you eliminate some explosives before you reach them. Near the end of the path will be two sentry guns, so make sure you disable those as well. Reaching the front of the train will have tons of loot boxes, and you’ll want to unlock the safe for loads of cash and a UAV. The heart is hanging above the safe. Don’t forget to take this item to complete the mission.

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Defeating this boss unlocks the Ghost Train calling card.

Evil Spirits

This is a multi-step challenge, as you’re trying to find different spooky encounters by opening supply boxes in various locations. These are found at random in the locations mentioned below, so simply visit each location and start opening some loot containers.

  • Find a reaper by looting containers in Al-Safwa Quarry
  • Find a ghoul bu looting containers in Al Mazrah City
  • Find a specter by looting containers in Al Bagra Fortress
  • Find a witch by looting containers in Al Malik Airport

Completing these steps will unlock the Evil Spirits calling card.

General tips

These boss fights can be completed in both battle royale and DMZ mode, but DMZ will be the less chaotic option for encountering these bosses without a lot of human opponents trying to ruin your fun.

Don’t stress if you see the boss you’re headed after has been defeated, the boss will respawn fairly quickly and the icon will appear on the map. It’s also possible to defeat multiple bosses in one playthrough.

Nighttime Al Mazrah is very dark. Having night vision goggles equipped or using thermal scopes will allow you to spot enemies much more easily, especially all the AI opponents lurking in the shadows of DMZ.

Additional rewards can be earned through The Haunting’s Soul Capture event, and here’s our full guide for unlocking these rewards fast.

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