Star Wars Dark Forces Remaster Launches Exactly 29 Years After The Original

A remaster of a classic adventure from the Star Wars vault previously announced this summer now has a release date that will sound familiar to those who played the original release. Nightdive Studios and Lucasfilm have announced that Star Wars: Dark Forces Remaster will launch February 28, which is 29 years to the day since its original release in 1995.

Star Wars: Dark Forces Remaster stars Kyle Katarn, a mercenary who joins the Rebel Alliance’s covert ops team, as he takes on the Empire and their secret Dark Trooper project. The game is notable for being the first-ever first-person-shooter in Star Wars history.

The new remaster will support up to 4K resolutions and 120FPS on PC and all consoles except Nintendo Switch. The game will offer modern controller features like rumble and motion controls, as well as trophy and achievement support on PlayStation, Xbox, and Steam.

Dark Forces Remaster is the latest remaster project from Nightdive Studios, which also recently released the System Shock remaster and will soon launch a new version of Turok 3. Dark Forces joins the company’s 2024 lineup, which also includes an updated version of System Shock 2.

Star Wars: Dark Forces Remaster launches February 28 for Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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