Spider-Man 2 Spider-Bots – All 42 Locations Guide

Spider-Man 2 is full of side quests, but none of them are harder to find and finish than the Spider-Bots. That’s because they’re scattered throughout the city and don’t appear on your mini-map unless you unlock the All Seeing upgrade or successfully spot their pulse. They’re so small and so numerous that they can stump you well after the credits if you’re not looking intently. Alternatively, you could use our guide here and find them all easily.

Spider-Man 2 – all 42 Spider-Bots

Each Spider-Bot is decorated like a different version of Spider-Man. In a way, it’s like these little robots have their very own Spider-Man 2 suits, enhanced by the commentary Peter or Miles adds when each one is found. Though you won’t unlock any suits for finding all Spider-Bots, you will unlock a short side mission that Spider-Fans won’t want to miss–trust us. It’s pretty neat and, let’s say, timely.

We won’t say anything more than that though. Instead, we’ll just point you to all 42 Spider-Bot map locations across the two images below. We’ve numbered them only so you can easily follow along with which ones you’ve found. You need not locate them in any specific order.

Spider-Man 2 Spider-Bot locations
Spider-Man 2 Spider-Bot locations

There’s plenty more to see in Spider-Man 2, especially when you’re off the main questline and diving into the many open-world activities. Use our below map guides to further mop up New York City.

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