Spider-Man 2 Photo Ops – All 23 Locations Guide

In Spider-Man 2, you’ll rekindle the relationship between being a webslinger and a photographer by finding and capturing 23 specific Photo Ops around the city. These range from folks playing chess and arguing over a minor car crash to spotting a pair of Kinda Funny Spider-Fans or citizens protesting Oscorp. These appear on your map as you ping or approach them, but for a quicker go of things, just use our map guide below.

Spider-Man 2 Photo Ops – all locations

Below you’ll find a list of all Photo Ops in the game. For capturing all 23 pics yourself, you won’t earn any Spider-Man 2 suits, but you’ll increase your progress in the related district and take home a bit of XP for your time.

Each Photo Op has a name and a unique location, so we’ve numbered the Photo Ops below so you can match them with the map, and then compare them to the pictures you may be missing in your own game.

All Spider-Man 2 Photo Ops locations
All Spider-Man 2 Photo Ops locations
  1. High-Stakes
  2. The Bodega Beef
  3. Checkmate
  4. Beach Party
  5. Now That’s a Bridge
  6. The City Game
  7. The Truth
  8. To The Beat
  9. The Roof Court
  10. We Haven’t Forgotten
  11. Audition Piece
  12. The Duel
  13. Greenwich Mural
  14. Telling Time
  15. The Little Taiyaki Cart
  16. Kinda Fanboys
  17. It Was An Accident
  18. Hidden Oasis
  19. We’re Here Every Week
  20. Step Up to the Plate
  21. Champion of Champions
  22. We’ll Treat You Like Family
  23. The Masked Challenger

You only need to concern yourself with lining up the picture enough so that the frame turns green, as you’ll never be able to look at your own pics again and they don’t show up anywhere. In the menu that houses the list, you’ll see idealized versions of the pictures, so don’t worry about finding a more artful eye. The game does that for you.

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