Save $20 On 8BitDo’s Stellar Xbox Controller Charging Dock

Struggling to keep your Xbox controllers charged between gaming sessions? Then adding a charging dock to your game room is a smart investment–and now that the 8BitDo Dual Charging Dock is on sale for just $25, you can snag one of the best chargers at its lowest price ever.

Along with the dock, your purchase comes with two 1,100 mAh rechargeable battery packs and four battery covers compatible with all official Xbox Wireless Controllers–though it’s incompatible with Elite controllers. The dock itself is minimal in design, with a clear base, adjustable illumination, and a matte black center console that houses the charging components.

This deal is available at Woot, which offers free shipping for Amazon Prime customers. The sale ends on October 31 (or when inventory runs out). If for some reason you’d rather buy directly from Amazon, you can choose between two models: one with the matte black center console for $36 (with a 20%-off coupon), or one with a white center console for $38.47.

Alternatively, you can grab this popular dual-charging dock for $18.74 at Amazon. It’s not as stylish or high-end as 8BitDo’s dock, but it does have all of the same basic features. Make sure to click the 20%-off coupon box and the extra 5%-off coupon below the price on the listing to get the full discount. If you don’t need a dual-charging dock, you can find the PowerA Solo Charging Stand for $20 at Amazon. And if you want a dock that matches your colorful Xbox controller, you should check out Razer’s Quick Charging Stands.

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Plenty of other great gaming deals are available at Woot right now, so consider checking out the sale before it ends at the start of November.

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