Netflix Is Offering Fans Free Tattoos Based On Its Shows

Ever wanted a tattoo based on Stranger Things, Squid Game, Castlevania, The Witcher, or any of Netflix’s other popular shows? As part of its upcoming Geeked Week 2023, Netflix will be paying for fans to get a free themed tattoo at certain studios across the US.

As a way of promoting its slate of shows, movies, and more, Netflix is paying for fans to get free tattoos related to any of its fandoms, including everything from Wednesday to Squid Game to its upcoming Avatar the Last Airbender live action show. The free tattoos will be available from studios in Atlanta, New York City, Denver, Los Angeles, and Richmond, VA.

The flash for the Geeked Ink event has been provided by the respective studios, and covers a huge range of Netflix’s shows, including original content like Squid Game and Stranger Things, and many of Netflix’s adapted shows like The Witcher, Sandman, Castlevania, ATLA, Wednesday, Scott Pilgrim, and heaps more. You can see the full range of flash available on each studio’s page on the Geeked Ink homepage, but here are some of our favorites:


To guarantee your free tattoo, you can book now through Geeked Ink, but Netflix also encourages fans who don’t manage to snag a booking to try their luck for a walk-in.

Geeked Week is Netflix’s in-house promotional event for news, sneak peeks, trailer reveals and more for some of the streaming service’s most anticipated shows and movies. The 2023 event starts next week, and will include upcoming titles like 3 Body Problem, the live action Avatar: The Last Airbender, The Brothers Sun, Damsel, Devil May Cry, Scott Pilgrim, Rebel Moon, and plenty more.

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