Hitman Dev’s James Bond Game Will Be More Daniel Craig, Less Camp

Hitman studio IO Interactive has shared a few more details on its upcoming James Bond game, which is currently being developed under the codename Project 007. According to CEO Hakan Abran in an interview with Edge magazine (via GamesRadar), the developer is aiming to create the “ultimate spycraft fantasy” as part of this original take on the character.

Edge Magazine’s feature states that “the few other breadcrumbs we’re able to pick up in the office suggest a tone closer to Daniel Craig than Roger Moore, and perhaps a more scripted experience than Hitman’s freeform jaunts”. It’s worth noting that IO has previously spoken about how it’s putting an original spin on Bond and his world, and won’t be focusing on any prior incarnation of the secret agent. Edge added that the game’s spycraft fantasy direction also suggests that gadgets–a key component in Bond’s arsenal over the year–will be a core part of game alongside fewer “murderous objectives” when compared to Agent 47’s missions.

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Project 007 is still a few years out from being released, but IO Interactive has big plans to reinvent Bond in this new outing and it isn’t focusing solely on using the Bond IP to make money. “It’s not just capitalizing on IP and doing one game and trying to earn something–it’s not like that. When we commit to something we commit with everything: with community and how we grow this love for the game we’re doing, and for the IP that we also promised we will treat like our own. And we’ll create a community that the gamers can call their own,” Abran said in an earlier interview.

While IO continues to work on Project 007 and an online fantasy game, the Hitman franchise will be on hiatus. For anyone looking to play a Bond game without needing to track down a PS2 and a copy of Everything or Nothing, GoldenEye 007 is available now on Xbox Game Pass and Switch.

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