Aquaman 2 Director James Wan Disputes Reports Of Reshoots Again

James Wan, the director of DC’s Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, has pushed back against the rumors regarding the film’s reshoots. Wan claims that only about three reshoots were required for the movie.

In an Empire Magazine interview (via Variety), Wan said there were only “seven or eight days” of reshoots. “Nothing for a movie of this size. It was just spread out because it’s so hard to get your actors back once you’ve finished the initial shoot,” Wan said.

Working on a film of such high caliber has taught Wan how to tune out unnecessary noise, which included the reports of Jason Momona wanting Amber Heard fired. “I’m a pretty private person,” Wan said. “I don’t get on social media and have fights, but it’s difficult because this narrative has emerged that is not the reality. The noise is fun to write about, and it gets clicks. But people don’t know the truth.”

Wan previously addressed the rumors in a September interview with Entertainment Weekly.

“We have big actors in this movie, and everyone’s schedule is really hard. So, we had to break up our shooting schedule into sections. We’ll shoot a bit here now because this actor’s available, and then we’ll do another shoot now because this guy’s available. People are like, ‘Oh, they’re doing a whole bunch of different shoots!’ No. If we actually combined them all together, it’s actually not that many number of days at all.”

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom is scheduled to hit theaters later this year on December 20. Check out our story covering the most recent trailer for more news on the film.

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