Amazon’s Meta Quest 2 Black Friday Deal Is Really Good

If you want a VR headset, Amazon’s Black Friday 2023 deal on the Meta Quest 2 is certainly worth checking out. Over at Amazon, you can snag the 128GB Meta Quest 2 for $249 or the 256GB Meta Quest 2 for $299. You’ll also get a free $50 Amazon gift card with your purchase. That’s a pretty phenomenal deal that essentially drops the price of the Meta Quest 2 to as low as $199.

Other major retailers, including Target and GameStop, have the discount plus $50 gift card promotion, too. Meanwhile, Best Buy’s offer comes with the Quest 2 Elite Strap instead of a gift card. The Elite Strap retails for $60 and makes for a comfier experience when wearing the headset for lengthier stretches of time. While the Quest 2 was recently succeeded by the Meta Quest 3, the Quest 2 is still a great device with impressive performance and a rich library of games and apps.

This means that you can take your VR experience anywhere you want, but if you’re looking to stay at home, there is a handy Guardian Boundary feature that allows you to define a safe space for your VR activities. While the Quest 3 and PlayStation VR2 are more advanced VR headsets, they cost twice the price.

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“Playing a VR game without worrying about a cable or external sensors is liberating in a way that makes it significantly easier to lose yourself in an experience for hours–or at least until the battery dies,” Mat Paget wrote in GameSpot’s Quest 2 review. “Of course, there’s also the option to connect the Quest to a PC and enjoy virtual worlds that demand a wired headset. There’s no doubt that the Quest is one of the most exciting gadgets of the past few years, and now it has a successor that improves on it in almost every way.”

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