When Does Alan Wake 2 Launch? Release Times Announced

Alan Wake 2 is almost here, as the long-awaited thriller from Remedy arrives across console and PC on October 27. But when exactly can you get started with the sequel? Remedy has now published the precise launch times for the game across time zones around the world.

The game unlocks in the United States at midnight Eastern on October 27, which works out to 9 PM PT on Thursday, October 26. People in Sao Paulo can jump in at 1 AM on October 27, those in London can start playing at 5 AM, and people in Remedy’s home country of Finland can jump in at 7 AM to start their Friday on a spooky note. In Japan, the game unlocks at 1 PM, while gamers in Sydney can start at 3 PM. You can see all the launch times below.

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Alan Wake 2 unlock times

Thursday, October 26

Friday, October 27

  • 12 AM ET (New York)
  • 1 AM BRT (Sao Paulo)
  • 5 AM GMT (London)
  • 6 AM CEST (Berlin)
  • 6 AM SAST (Johannesburg)
  • 7 AM EEST (Helsinki)
  • 1 PM JST (Tokyo)
  • 3 PM AEST (Sydney)
  • 5 PM NZST (Auckland)

Alan Wake 2 is a digital-only game, so it won’t run up against the possibility of people obtaining a disc early and spoiling story elements as is known to sometimes happen with major releases. Remedy is not releasing the game on a disc to help keep the price down to $60.

The original Alan Wake was released all the way back in 2010 and was published by Microsoft. Epic Games published Alan Wake Remastered and partnered with Remedy again for Alan Wake 2.

“Alan Wake 2 is a deep, layered story with surprises buried inside it, waiting to be discovered. I keep catching myself smiling when I think about the absolutely insane sequences we have dreamed up for the game. I’m amazed no one has stopped us along the way,” creative director and writer Sam Lake said.

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