The Sims 4 Wants You To Be A Landlord In Its New Expansion Pack

After its last expansion pack finally added horses to the game, The Sims 4 is going in a completely different direction for its new content. Its upcoming expansion pack For Rent will allow your Sims to become property moguls through managing high-density rental properties.

The expansion pack adds a brand new neighbourhood called Tomarang, a vibrant community inspired by Southeast Asian culture. While the expansion seems to have a lot of similarities with the apartment-based City Living pack, there’s one major difference: with For Rent, you can build your own multi-dwelling buildings from the ground up, not constrained by the game’s pre-set aparment floorplans. Players will be able to build multi-unit buildings not just in Tomarang, but in any of the game’s buildable worlds.

The expansion adds a lot of community-based events, from building-wide Potlucks and Pool Parties, to a new social area in the form of the Night Market. As with other expansion packs, you can expect a heap of new items, clothing, and even Southeast Asian-inspired food and drinks.

The Sims 4 will also let entrepreneurial Sims become Property Owners, earning income by renting out their units to other Sims. Property Owners can either live in the same property as their tenants or live off-site, but they’ll need to keep up with inspections and vital repairs to avoid a tenant revolt. Some of the expansion’s features look a little too real for anyone currently renting–with tenant Sims living under the threat of insect infestations and potentially deadly mould exposure.

The expansion will come with four new Aspirations for Sims to pick from–Seeker of Secrets for nosy neighbors, Five-Star Property Owner for diligent landlords, the local Fount of Tomarani Knowledge for local know-it-alls, or a Discerning Dweller for perfect tenants. These also come with five new traits–Nosy, Generous, Cringe, Child of the Village, and Wise, which will only be available to Elder sims.

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The expansion pack will arrive on December 7 on all platforms. Players who purchase the pack before January 18 will get the Street Eats Digital Content pack, which will include street food-related objects as placeable furniture.

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