Save 50% On The Kingdom Hearts Perilous Pursuit Board Game At Amazon

If you need something new for your board game night rotation, the Kingdom Hearts Perilous Pursuit board game is on sale for just $28.62 at Amazon (was $60).

Kingdom Hearts Perilous Pursuit adapts the popular action-RPG series into a cooperative board game for two to five players. The game features Sora, Rikku, Kairi, Donald, and Goofy as playable characters, each with special abilities like protecting friends, using healing potions, and distracting enemies to use in battle against the Heartless.

Kingdom Hearts Perilous Pursuit
Kingdom Hearts Perilous Pursuit

Battles play out across numerous Kingdom Hearts worlds like Agrabah, Beast’s Castle, and Hollow Bastion, and each session can take you to different locations, which is great for replayability. Kingdom Hearts Perilous Pursuit is a licensed Disney product, and each character card and world card features official artwork from the video game.

Perilous Pursuit isn’t the only Kingdom Hearts game on sale now; you can also pick up the video games, too. Amazon is selling Kingdom Hearts All-in-One Package, which includes 10 experiences, for only $35. Meanwhile, the rhythm game spin-off Melody of Memory is discounted to as low as $25.

If you’re looking for more tabletop deals, dozens of horror-themed board games and card games are on sale at Amazon right now, including numerous titles based on popular video games like Bloodborne: The Board Game and its Chalice Dungeon expansion. You can also grab the brand-new Resident Evil: The Board Game, which features 19 unique campaign scenarios and multiple characters to play as from the original video game, such as Jill Valentine, Chris Redfield, and Barry Burton.

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