PSA: Fortnite Crew Will Get You Two New Battle Passes This Month

Fortnite OG has taken us back to the Chapter 1, Season 5 version of the battle royale island, and this shortened, 30-day season comes with a shortened 50-level battle pass. But despite having far less content than a normal pass, with half as many skins as usual and no collaborations, Epic is charging the normal price–950 V-bucks–for it anyway. While that may be annoying, especially after Epic raised the price of V-Bucks last week, the short length of this season means that Fortnite Crew can help dull the sting a bit–a single month’s subscription will net you both the Fortnite OG pass and the next pass, presumably for the season that will be called Chapter 5, Season 1.

The way Fortnite Crew works is that for $12 per month, you get 1000 V-Bucks, a skin, an accompanying set of cosmetics, and the current battle pass if you don’t already have it. But it’s built to let you game the system a bit–you can earn every Fortnite Crew cosmetic by subscribing every two months. If you subscribe to Crew at the end of one month, you’ll get that month’s set of cosmetics and the next month’s

It’s that battle pass perk that really makes Crew unquestionably worthwhile. And because this season is only 30 days long, you can sign up for Crew right at the start of the season and be set for next season as well. Since OG is the shortest season Fortnite has ever had by a wide margin, that means this is the first time you could do that with Crew.

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The current Crew skin is Drakon Steel Hybdrid–a robotic version of the Godzilla-inspired Hybrid skin from Chapter 1. We don’t know what next month’s set will be just yet, but it’s very possible it’ll be related to whatever kind of live event they have at the conclusion of Fortnite OG, like how last year’s Mecha Strike Commander Crew pack tied in with the Collision event.

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