Pikmin 1 + 2 For Nintendo Switch Gets First Big Discount

Pikmin is one of Nintendo’s best–and possibly most underrated–franchises, and if you’re looking to experience the series from its humble GameCube beginnings, then you’re in luck. The recently released Nintendo Switch compilation just got its first major discount. Over on Walmart, you can (down from $50). Amazon already sold out of this same deal, so we’d recommend scooping this up quickly.

This physical edition comes with both upscaled GameCube games on one Switch cartridge. If you want to complete your collection, you can get and , which launched this year as well, for $50 each at Walmart. Amazon also has deals on Pikmin 3 Deluxe and Pikmin 4.

The original Pikmin game out in 2001 and put you in the space boots of Captain Olimar, a tiny alien stranded on an Earth-like planet. Thanks to the helpful Pikmin, Olimar was able to survive this world through a combo of platforming and real-time strategy gameplay. Pikmin 2, released in 2004, continued the series and refined it with new playable characters and Pikmin.

If you’re shopping for someone this holiday who wants a Nintendo Switch, there are several enticing limited-time options up for grabs right now (they would pair well with Pikmin, of course):

For more Pikmin products, check out our roundup of Pikmin merch. You can also preorder this extremely cool Pikmin-themed controller ahead of its January release.

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