Payday 3 Dev Provides An Update After Messy Launch

It’s no secret that Starbreeze shooter Payday 3 has had a rough start since its launch two months ago. But since then, the dev team has focused on fixing the game’s issues and has now given players an update on where things stand.

In a Payday 3 blog post, the team wanted to assure players of its”main priority, which is to get the patch we promised out to you and to make sure our patching process allows us to continue publishing them at a steady cadence in the future.”

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As the post continues, Starbreeze acknowledges its fan base may be tired of hearing the same thing, and to help be transparent with its community, the studio has revealed that it’s working on the following:

  • The first patch has been sent off and is currently going through a testing and certification process. We have made a commitment to our players to keep parity between all platforms, so this is an important part of that process.
  • The reason it has taken so long to get this first patch ready is very long and complicated, but the short version is that we discovered critical errors with our update pipeline shortly after the game released. There was a significant risk to player progression being wiped if we didn’t address this and ensured a solid test environment.
  • We see a lot of your feedback about the progression system. Our designers are looking at how the system can be adapted to balance both the challenge system as well as offering infamy points for each heist, and we’ll come back with more information on what this looks like soon.
  • Once we can consistently deliver patches, the team will also deliver on our plans for more content for the game. Expect to see free content updates for the game before the end of the year, we’ll share more information on what these will be when we get there.
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Some issues Payday 3 has faced since its launch has consisted of the gaming going offline multiple times in one week and server issues, which made the game have “slow matchmaking.”

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