My Time At Sandrock – Picking Up The Slack Quest Guide

My Time at Sandrock has numerous tasks that require you to gather, craft, and build all sorts of contraptions. However, one early-game quest might stump you if you’re a newcomer. Our guide discusses how to complete Picking Up the Slack in My Time at Sandrock so you can tackle the objectives with ease.

How to complete Picking Up the Slack in My Time at Sandrock

To complete Picking Up the Slack in My Time at Sandrock, you need to build the Crane Lift. Interact with the Assembly Station, select the Crane Lift blueprint, and start gathering the following materials:

  • 8x Bricks
  • 5x Wooden Stick
  • 6x Thick Rope
  • 4x Bearing
  • 5x Copper Stick
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How to get Bricks

Bricks come from Stone materials, which you can gather by hitting small rocks with your Pickhammer. There are two ways to craft the item:

  • Recycler – The Recycler, whose blueprint you obtained from the previous quest (The New Builder), uses Stone Scraps. In turn, there’s a random chance that this will yield Bricks.
  • Furnace – You also receive the Furnace blueprint from the previous quest (The New Builder). This allows you to manufacture 1x Brick for every 4x Stone.

Note that these machines require fuel and water. For the former, make sure you press the plus sign in the interface. Then, put in a few Dregs to keep the machines running.

Start breaking gravel to pick up more Stones.
Start breaking gravel to pick up more Stones.

How to get Wooden Stick

Obtaining the Wooden Stick for the My Time at Sandrock Picking Up the Slack quest is relatively straightforward. Simply look for Wooden Scraps at the outskirts of town to gather Wood. Do avoid chopping down trees or you’ll get fined. You may also purchase Wood from the Water World shop, though this is a bit costly.

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In any case, each Wooden Stick requires 3x Wood. You can use your Worktable to craft this item.

How to get Thick Rope

Each Thick Rope requires 4x Plant Fiber. You simply need to use your Stone Axe to cut down bushes in the general vicinity of the town. Once you have enough, simply craft the item via your Worktable.


Gather and cut down wooden scraps and bushes (left) for the Wooden Stick and Thick Rope (right).

How to get Bearings

To get Bearings in My Time at Sandrock, you’ll need to acquire Mechanical Scraps. These are gathered in the small yard behind Eufaula Salvage, which is due southeast of your Workshop. There are only a few junk piles in this area, so you might need to come back every day for the objects to respawn.

Anyway, once you have enough Mechanical Scraps, these can then be placed inside the Recycler. It has a chance of providing Bearings once the raw materials have been fully churned out.

How to get Copper Stick

Lastly, you’ll also want to farm in Eufaula Salvage is you want Copper Sticks. There’s a chance that the junk piles there will yield Copper Scraps, in addition to Mechanical Scraps. As usual, place the materials inside the Recycler, and hope that you’ll receive Copper Sticks in return.

To be clear, there are also other methods of acquiring Bearings and Copper Sticks, such as purchasing them from vendors or by building the Processor, though we feel that these are somewhat costly and unnecessary in an early-game run.


Destroy the junk piles in Eufaula Salvage (left), then use the Recycler to turn scraps into the items that you need (right).

In any case, once you have all the required materials, simply place them in the Assembly Station so you can build the Crane Lift. Then, bring it over to Eufaula Salvage junk yard to trigger a cutscene. This allows you to venture forth into Eufaula Salvage Abandoned Ruins, where you’ll find more goodies, including a means of unlocking Photo Mode.

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That’s everything you need to know about how to complete Picking Up the Slack in My Time at Sandrock. While you’re doing early-game activities, you might want to check out our guides on how to increase stamina and how to increase inventory space.

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