Insomniac’s Spider-Man And Wolverine Games Are In The Same Universe, Dev Confirms

It’s been two years since Insomniac Marvel’s Wolverine was announced, and since then, fans have wondered if both Spider-Men and Logan are in the same universe. Thanks to Spider-Man 2’s senior creative director, it’s now been confirmed that they are.

The news comes from a Kinda Funny Games interview, in which Spider-Man 2’s director, Bryan Intihar, revealed that all three heroes are in the same universe. “They are 1048. I think I got that right, but yeah,” Intihar said.

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For those unaware, Marvel is no stranger to dabbling in the multiverse, and each universe varies from one another. For example, 616 is home to the main comic book series, while the MCU is on 199999.

In the same interview, Intihar stated that there was a decision not to include Wolverine Easter Eggs because the studio wanted the team to focus on Spider-Man.

“I’m just trying to learn how to make Spider-Man or try to get Spider-Man off the ground. While there’s another Marvel thing I’m trying to get.” Intihar said. “I think for us it’s a ‘let just let’s let that team cook, you know, let them cook.’ and let them make the game they want to make.”

This aligns with what Intihar has said in the past. In an IGN interview, they explained that the studio is making “sure that they have a clear runway to make the best Wolverine possible, and it’s going to be awesome. So I’m really excited about it. But we wouldn’t be like Marvel fans if we didn’t talk about things.”

Currently, not much is known about Marvel’s Wolverine other than it’ll launch exclusively on the PlayStation 5. For more Insomniac news, check out our story covering a Spider-Man 2 bug that mixed up Puerto Rican and Cuban flags.

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