How Long Is Spider-Man 2: Mission List And Platinum Trophy Estimate

Spider-Man 2 offers a bigger and more detailed world than Insomniac’s previous web-slinging games, so that means a longer campaign, a deeper open world, and more side missions are all to be expected. For big fans, that’s probably exactly what they’d hoped anyway. If you want to check out the Spider-Man 2 mission list or learn of playtime estimates for various playstyles, here’s everything you need to know.

How long to beat Spider-Man 2

Spider-Man 2 is about as long as other major PlayStation first-party games lately–so much so that I now wonder if it’s an explicit goal within the publisher to achieve these numbers. A main-campaign-only playthrough will take you about 15 hours, while a more typical playthrough, which includes beating the full game plus a number, but not all, of side missions, is going to take you around 20 hours. There are more playstyles to be aware of, too, of course.

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For example, you can actually earn 100% game completion before you earn the Platinum Trophy. That’ll take you about 23-26 hours. For running the full marathon and unlocking the coveted Platinum Trophy, you’ll be looking at something like 30 hours of playtime. That’s because some tasks, such as finding the science trophy or visiting Aunt May’s grave, can be tricky without the guides we’ve conveniently just linked in this sentence.

Spider-Man 2 mission list

There are dozens of missions to complete outside of the critical path, but for this portion of the guide, we’ll list all 31 main campaign missions that you’ll experience as Peter Parker, Miles Morales, and perhaps others, too. Though the missions’ names are probably too vague to deduce much in the way of plot details, we’ve put the list behind spoiler tags just in case you’d rather not read them until they’re present in your own saved game.

  1. Surface Tension
  2. One Thing At A Time
  3. Show Me New York
  4. Roll Like We Used To
  5. Not On My Watch
  6. Amends
  7. Healing The World
  8. Bad Guys On The Block
  9. Make Your Own Choices
  10. Master Illusionist
  11. A Second Chance
  12. Science Buddy
  13. Hunt To Live, Live To Hunt
  14. Funky
  15. Good Men
  16. The Flames Have Been Lit
  17. Stay Positive
  18. Wings Of My Own
  19. New Threads
  20. It Chose You
  21. Wake Up
  22. I’m The Hero Here
  23. No Escape
  24. Anything Can Be Broken
  25. Don’t Be Scared
  26. Trouble With Harry
  27. This Isn’t You
  28. Set Things Right
  29. It’s All Connected
  30. Finally Free
  31. Together
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We’ve got a lot more Spider-Man 2 coverage coming, so stay tuned.

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