Highly Rated Samsung Gaming Monitors Are Up To $500 Off At Amazon

Your gaming monitor is arguably just as important as your gaming rig, as a lackluster screen stops your fancy GPU from living up to its potential. Anyone hunting for a vibrant monitor that doesn’t break the bank will want to check out the latest deals at Amazon–where you’ll find more than a dozen Samsung monitors on sale. Some products are seeing price cuts of up to $500, making it a great time to upgrade your battlestation.

One of the most enticing price cuts is for the Samsung 32-Inch Odyssey G65B 240Hz Monitor, as it’s now just $487 (down from $800). Aside from its premium 240Hz refresh rate, this monitor includes AMD FreeSync Premium Pro to limit tearing, a 1000R curve for better viewing angles, and HDR support.

Looking for something even more affordable? The Samsung Odyssey G50A Series 27-Inch Gaming Monitor is $280 (down from $400) and the Samsung 34-Inch ViewFinity S50GC Series Ultrawide Monitor is also $280 (down from $380). For a tremendous value, check out this 24-inch Odyssey G3 for only $150 (normally $250). And if you just need a standard monitor as a second or third screen, the Samsung S33A Series 24-Inch FHD Monitor is only $100 (down from $170).

If you’re not concerned about a budget, you can get the luxurious Samsung 49-Inch Odyssey OLED G9 Series Curved Monitor for $1,400 (down from $1,800), which is every bit as premium as its price tag suggests. Add it to your desk to benefit from not just a 49-inch screen, but also a 240Hz refresh rate, AMD FreeSync Premium Pro, HDR support, and a processor that helps optimize every frame.

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You’ll find a list of the best Samsung monitor deals below.

Best Samsung Monitor Deals

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