Hearthstone Visits The Wild West With “Showdown In The Badlands” Expansion In November

Hearthstone’s next expansion will give Azeroth a Wild West makeover. Showdown in the Badlands is coming in November, and it’s themed around an old prospecting town and a band of heroic Outlaws. Along with a new set of 145 cards, the expansion will introduce two new keywords to match the flavor.

The story of the expansion centers around the evil Bloodrock Mining Company, headed by sheriff Eustace Barrelbrim, draining Azerite from the land. That makes the outlaws in this case the good guys, and it will tell the tale how two of those outlaws met: the fan-favorites Elise Starseeker and Reno Jackson.

The new Quickdraw keyword will imbue cards with bonus effects if you play them the same turn they’re added to your hand. Meanwhile, the new Excavate keyword has you prospecting in the old mines by digging for treasure. Each time you excavate, you’ll get a random treasure from your current tier, and then open the next tier, and this will continue until the mine is tapped.

The Demon Hunter, Druid, Hunter, Paladin, Priest, and Shaman classes will have legendary Outlaw cards, which get a bonus effect if you have no duplicates. Meanwhile, the crooked townsfolk are represented by Death Knight, Mage, Rogue, Warlock, and Warrior, so they each get a unique legendary Excavate treasure when they excavate the fourth time.

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The new expansion period will also mean a refreshed season of Twist. The Un’Goro season will challenge you to build decks using the Un’Goro and Wonders sets. Keep in mind, though, that this means there will be no Demon Hunter or Death Knight cards playable during this Twist season. Finally, the Hallow’s End event is imminent, which will introduce spooky in-game events and the ability to earn wild west cosmetics.

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