Halo Infinite Players Criticize Newest Microtransaction Bundle For High Prices

Halo Infinite Season 5 launched on October 17. While the update seems to have been well-received, players are once again voicing complaints and frustrations about the game’s microtransactions, especially one of the new season’s bundles.

As streamer Mint Blitz pointed out on Twitter, you can get a Halo-3-themed Sniper Rifle skin as part of Halo Infinite Season 5, but it can’t be bought individually. The bundle including the skin costs $30, half of what it would cost to buy the game’s campaign outright. Mint Blitz expressed frustration that he could not purchase the Sniper Rifle skin on its own for a lower price.

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Halo Infinite launched to general criticism of the game’s micro-transactions and progression systems. Since launch, 343 has attempted to make several changes, but Season 5 represents the biggest adjustments yet. As part of Season 5, 343 revamped the battle pass and the game’s events, which are now styled as “operations,” addressing many player complaints from Halo Infinite’s launch.

For example, Season 5’s battle pass is now 50-tiers, down from the previous four seasons 100-tier battle passes, while including a comparable amount of cosmetic rewards. You now progress through Operations with match XP, rather than completion of specific challenges, making it easier to complete Operations and get all the associated cosmetics before their expiration date. All helmets are now compatible with every armor core, allowing for further customization.

However, similar changes have not yet come to the shop generally, as pricing seems to have remained mostly the same. User LeKrahka on Reddit noted that some older bundles now cost more money. 343 has made changes to the shop before, as it revamped the storefront for Season 3.

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