Guillermo Del Toro Says He Was Making Star Wars Scarface With Jabba The Hutt Origin Movie

Late last September, David S. Goyer talked to the podcast Happy Sad Confused with Josh Horowitz about an unproduced Star Wars movie with Guillermo del Toro. No specifics were given at the time, but it has since then been revealed that the project was a Jabba the Hutt origins movie.

“It was about four years ago, and I also wrote an unproduced ‘scriptment’ for an origins of the Jedi movie…that took place 25,000 years before the first Star Wars film,” Goyer said at the time. “Dabbling in Star Wars would have been fun for me.” Goyer also added that Horowitz should get del Toro on the show some time to talk about the would-be movie if he could.

And he did.

Speaking to Horowitz, the Oscar winner said that early conversations started about six years ago, and he only really wanted to do one thing. “When I spoke to them…when I spoke to [Lucasfilm’s] John Knoll about it, and I said, if I ever do [a Star Wars film], I would love to do Jabba the Hutt’s Scarface. You know? His ascension in the crime family,” del Toro said on the podcast. “I like monsters. I just love monsters, and Jabba is a) basically my same shirt size, and b) I love him, man.”

Del Toro didn’t completely rule out eventually getting to a Star Wars movie, or at least a project of some sorts, but he said his tastes have evolved as a filmmaker and what he’s leaning into might not exactly fit that spaceship-sized hole at Disney.

“I feel strangely more and more inclined to do more strange stuff; do things that are a little more cagey, a little more quirky, so I don’t know,” he said.

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