Fallout 76 Celebrating 5th Anniversary With Free Stuff And More

Bethesda Game Studios is looking to celebrate Fallout 76’s fifth birthday by rewarding players with limited-time in-game loot, challenges, and more. Players will be able to obtain both Halloween and birthday-themed gear.

According to a Fallout blog post, Scorched enemies will be wearing “creepy costumes,” and by killing them, players will be able to loot “their Mysterious Candy (and Legendary items).” In addition to the legendary loot, players can trick-or-treat with other players who have candy bowls set in their C.A.M.P.s, and those who have candy bowls out will have a special icon on the map so other players can find them.

Those who complete the daily and weekly Trick or Treat challenges will be rewarded with a new C.A.M.P. item, the Mothman Nest. As for the game’s fifth anniversary, on November 7, players will be able to unlock exclusive items by completing daily and weekly anniversary challenges, and on November 14, Bethesda Game Studios will have a livestream that will highlight the community.

Listed below are all the events Fallout 76 will be hosting until November 14:

October 23

  • Fallout Day
  • Prime Gaming 5th Birthday Bundle

October 24

  • Game Pass Perk 5th Birthday Bundle
  • Spooky Scorched Event Begins (Ends 11/7)

October 25

  • Wasteland Classroom Stream With King Gothalion And Kenneth From Chat: A Fallout 76 Podcast

November 1

  • Wasteland Classroom Stream With Tooniversal And Nerdynetty

November 2

  • Dev Q&A On Discord (Discord.gg/Bethesdastudios)

November 7

  • Birthday Challenge Event Begins (Ends 11/21)

November 14

  • Fallout 76’s 5th Anniversary
  • Birthday Parade Stream With Fallout For Hope And Chad Podcast

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