CoD: MW3 — Finish The Campaign To Unlock All These Bonuses For Multiplayer, Zombies, And Warzone

Activision is encouraging people to play and complete the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III campaign by offering up a variety of bonuses. The company has announced 14 in-game bonuses that players can unlock for completing the game’s 15 missions.

The bonuses, which include things like calling cards, double XP tokens, Operators, and even a weapon blueprint, are unlocked after almost all of the missions. There are 15 missions and 14 rewards, so it seems like only one mission doesn’t offer a reward.

Play the campaign and get rewarded
Play the campaign and get rewarded

Modern Warfare III’s campaign rewards are available across multiplayer, Zombies, and Warzone, and you don’t need to play the campaign via early access to get them. Everyone is eligible.

Modern Warfare III’s campaign unlocks on November 2 for people who preorder the game digitally. Everyone else can jump in at launch on November 10, which is also when the multiplayer goes live. There are 16 maps from 2009’s Modern Warfare II coming to Modern Warfare III, as well as a variety of maps from 2022’s Modern Warfare II, which will be available shortly after launch.

With Modern Warfare III launching this week, some of the game’s story sequences have leaked online, so be wary of spoilers out there.

For more, check out GameSpot’s Modern Warfare III preorder guide and everything you need to know. You can also find out exactly when the game launches here.

Modern Warfare III campaign completion rewards:

  • “Breather” Calling Card
  • 30 mins Double Player XP Token & 30 mins Double Weapon XP Token
  • “Corso” Operator
  • “Ghillie Guy” Calling Card
  • 30 mins XP Token and 30m Weapon XP Token
  • “Pathfinder” Operator
  • “Toxic Drip” Calling Card
  • 1 hour Double Player XP Token and 1 hour Double Weapon XP Token
  • “Doc” Operator
  • “Skull Rhapsody’ Calling Card
  • 1 hour Double Player XP Token and 1 hour Double Weapon XP Token
  • “Jabber” Operator
  • Campaign Completion Emblem
  • Campaign Completion Weapon Blueprint
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