Check Out This Super Mario Bros. Wonder And Mario RPG Game Bundle Deal

You can grab brand-new physical copies of Super Mario Bros. Wonder and Super Mario RPG for just $98 and free shipping at eBay. The deal comes from third-party seller Pro-Distributing, which has a 98.9% positive rating from over 37,000 users.

Normally, buying both games separately would cost $120, but you can save $22 thanks to this bundle. That’s even a couple dollars cheaper than buying both with the Nintendo eShop vouchers deal, which you can use to buy digital copies of both games for just $100.

The caveat is that the games won’t ship until Super Mario RPG’s release date of November 17, with an estimated delivery window between December 2 and 7, depending on your location. This is a great deal if you don’t mind waiting a couple more weeks to play both games or plan to buy them as holiday gifts. Quantities are limited so grab this double pack while you still can.

Your order comes with eBay’s money back guarantee and free 30-day returns.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder launched on October 20, and ranks among the highest-rated games of 2023–a year with no shortage of incredible, well-reviewed games. In GameSpot’s Super Mario Bros. Wonder review, Steve Watts awarded the game a 9/10, calling it “the rightful successor to Super Mario World” thanks to the 2D platformer’s imaginative level design and visual presentation.

Super Mario RPG is a full remake of the original SNES game Super Mario RPG: The Legend of the Seven Stars. The game is a faithful remake that makes quality-of-life changes like new battle mechanics that make getting through fights faster. You can also preorder Super Mario RPG at GameStop to get an exclusive button set as a bonus.

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If this eBay deal happens to sell out, or you already own Super Mario Bros. Wonder but still want to grab Super Mario RPG at a discount, Geek Alliance has a similar deal where you can buy each game for just $49, or $98 altogether.

For those who are shopping for a Switch console this holiday, the same eBay seller has several bundles featuring Super Mario Bros. Wonder and/or Super Mario RPG that will save you at least $30 versus buying the console and games separately:

Nintendo Switch bundle deals at eBay

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